Best VR Fitness Games 2022: Your Ultimate Guide to Virtual Sweat Sessions


As we dive headfirst into 2022, it's clear that virtual reality (VR) is not just about escapism or entertainment anymore. VR fitness games are transforming how we exercise and engage with our health. They're turning mundane workout routines into immersive, interactive experiences that can be enjoyed right from the comfort of home.

In my quest to find the best VR fitness games this year, I've sweated, lunged, and battled my way through countless virtual landscapes. The result? A comprehensive guide that will take you on a journey across different genres and intensity levels, making sure there's something for everyone.

Whether you're looking for a high-intensity cardio blast or a more relaxed yoga session in a serene environment - these games have got your back. Stay tuned as I unveil my top picks for the best VR fitness games of 2022!

Best VR Fitness Games 2022

I've strapped on my virtual reality headset and dove headfirst into the rapidly expanding world of VR fitness games. Let me tell you, it's a realm where workout meets fun in an immersive environment like no other.

VR fitness games are transforming how people perceive exercise routines at home. They're not just about losing weight or gaining muscle anymore; they're about having a blast while doing it! The blend of physical activity with engaging gameplay makes these games a fantastic alternative for those who find traditional gym exercises rather mundane.

2022 has seen some impressive releases in this genre that are worth mentioning. One such game is Supernatural, an intense cardio workout set to music that transports you to breathtaking landscapes as you swing your virtual batons at orbs flying towards you. Then there's BoxVR, designed to deliver high-intensity boxing workouts while featuring catchy tunes and vibrant visuals.

Moreover, statistics show the increasing popularity of these fitness-focused games:


Number of Users (in millions)







It's clear that more folks are turning to VR for their fitness needs year after year.

To wrap up this exploration, I'd say that VR fitness games have indeed revolutionized how we approach exercising. If you're someone seeking variety in your routine or simply wanting to make working out much more enjoyable, then give these titles a spin! After all, what could be better than burning calories while immersed in exciting virtual worlds?

Features to Look For in Top VR Fitness Games

When it comes to selecting the best VR fitness games, there are a few key features that can make your experience more engaging and effective. Let's dive right into what makes a top-notch game.

One of the most crucial elements you should be looking out for is gameplay immersion. You'll want a game that has the ability to transport you into another world, making you forget about those sweat drops trickling down your face. A high level of immersion could mean responsive controls, realistic graphics or compelling narratives - all these factors contribute towards keeping you hooked and motivated.

Another significant feature is an adjustable difficulty setting. We're not all elite athletes here, so having the ability to tailor workouts according to our fitness level is essential. Whether it's changing resistance levels, speed or types of movements - customization options can go a long way in ensuring everyone gets a good workout no matter their shape or size.

Next up on our list is tracking capabilities. It's important for any fitness routine to monitor progress over time – how else would we know if we're improving? The game should provide stats like calories burned, steps taken or distance covered - giving us concrete ways to measure our success.

Let's not forget about multiplayer mode! Sometimes working out alone can get dull and monotonous. That's where multiplayer modes come in handy: they introduce an element of competition which can boost motivation levels significantly.

Lastly but by no means least - variety is key! Nobody wants to be stuck doing the same thing day after day. So look for games offering diverse workouts ranging from yoga and pilates, through dance routines all the way up till high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

  • Gameplay Immersion

  • Adjustable Difficulty Setting

  • Tracking Capabilities

  • Multiplayer Mode

  • Variety in Workouts

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